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CareerFit is a separate business, providing a service to professionals who answer "yes" to any of these questions:

  • Am I in the wrong job?
  • Am I struggling with career direction?
  • Am I unexpectedly seeking my next role?
  • Am I just plain bored, discontented or unfulfilled in my current role?
  • Do I believe that I should be planning my next steps?

The CareerFit philosophy is that everyone should plan their next steps, and review regularly. To deliver this, we have a core foundation programme, but deliver it in bespoke ways:

  • Awareness - Understand the implications of the nature of work today. To provide you with the basis for career decisions.
  • Options - Understand the nature of careers today. You will choose your future path with confidence.
  • Personal Career Target - Use our analytical tool to choose a new career target. Practice allows repeatability.
  • Work hunting - Understand the nature of the work market. Tackle it effectively, make strategic choices, and practice them.
  • Personal marketing - Understand how to market oneself, collect the necessary material, and express it in new ways.
  • Interviews - Understand and practice the techniques of winning work through interviews.
  • Plan - Understand the concept of work life planning. Complete a draft "next steps" plan, and learn to maintain it.

Individuals, however, work in many fields, in many career types, and at different career stages. Our programme is adaptable to your particular knowledge and experience.

OFFER.  To learn more about how we deliver our services, and to receive a free appraisal, send your CV and a short statement about your current circumstances and aspirations to: