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Capreolus provides a range of deer management services from teaching to consultancy, including the practical control of deer when required.

CONSULTANCY - Capreolus will advise landowners on the management of deer. The service is based upon a personal visit followed by advice, either verbal or written, which will take account of landowners’ aspirations for the effect and welfare of the deer on their land. The fees charged will be determined prior to the work to be executed, and are based on the complexity of the requirement.

TEACHING - Novice stalkers may be taken under informal training to prepare for the Deer Stalking Certificate (DSC 1 & 2) at a nominal rate per session, usually of two hours or more. This may be theory, practice or a combination, usually at dawn or dusk. If the novice wishes to shoot, this will be accompanied, and trophy fees apply if successful.  Details are available on request, as are details of the special BDS DSC 2 Awareness Training Scheme to which Capreolus is accredited.

EXPERIENCE - Experienced stalkers, or those wishing to improve, may be given practical stalking experience and, if required, informal training to an advanced level, accompanied by an experienced Capreolus Stalker. There is a nominal fee per session, and trophy fees apply if successful. Details are available on request.

WITNESSING - Witnessing of candidates for the DSC 2 is available with a range of Approved Witnesses, both on the candidate's own land, and on land over which Capreolus operates.

LODGING -   For those wishing to stay locally, a wide range of B&B accommodation is available. Again, details are available on request.

CONTROL -  Where requested and necessary, Capreolus will provide a control service free of charge under the following conditions: a cull will be mutually agreed and the shot animal(s) will remain with Capreolus; expenses will be charged outside a 25 mile radius of Wantage.